PBI Colombia en 2013

PBI Colombia en 2013

En 2013 hemos protegido a 13 organizaciones, 3 comunidades y 2 defensores de derechos humanos. Gracias por hacer seguimiento a la situación de los derechos humanos en Colombia.

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  1. It’s impossible to know how many lives you have saved, but certainly many people are safer and more secure. Not only that, they are able to continue the struggle to create peaceful, decent communities. PBI Colombia is certainly one of the greatest forces working against the impunity which sadly continues to plague Colombia. Cannot help but admire the volunteers who accept such risks to assist Colombians.

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    Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine how Colombia can move forward and build a better, safer society while members of the political left, trade union leaders and human rights defendors continue to be threatened and assassinated at a frightening rate.
    So little is done to investigate and prosecute these crimes – which sometimes are assisted or committed by government security forces – that there is little to discourage people who commit such crimes.
    PBI Colombia is one of the organizations which assists some of the millions of Colombians displaced by violence, that protects women and children from systematic sexual assault and allows families to raise and educate their children in secure environments.
    Even if Colombia succeeds in signing a peace accord with FARC guerrillas that will end 50 years of conflict there will be no real peace as long as impunity exists.
    PBI’s accompaniment of threatened individuals and organizations is one of the most effective ways in which the international community is assisting Colombia with this problem.
    I cannot think of any organization more deserving of suport.

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